(Yarn) Bomb-diggity!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Whilst walking home from a jaunt to the florist Mr M and I spied from afar these little knitted squares fastened to the bridge railings over the Gare Saint Lazare - Pont Cardinet train tracks.

A little investigating led me to hold those cleverly creative ladies from Collectif France Tricot* responsible for this piece of urban prettification.

Yarn bombing, graffiti knitting, yarnstorming - call it what you will, the French call it fil de rue - street yarn - and it, along with knitting in general, is garnering more and more attention in France with the help of the rising popularity of knitting events organised by groups such as the C-F-T and dedicated knitting cafés, such as L'OisiveThé in the 13th.

My favourite piece - Balloons! The unattached strings floated along with the wind as if they were full of helium and flying high above the rooftops.

I was sure 'Liebe' wasn't a french word, so I had to look it up. It means 'Love' in German. Awww, love!

As the C-F-T girls wrote on their site, in regards to Yarn Bombing;

"Il y a une façon de regarder la ville différemment, et même si c’est seulement cinq secondes, surprendre, donner aux autres quelque chose d’inattendu."

(It is a way to see the city differently, and even if it is just five seconds, to surprise, to give others something unexpected.)

I was lucky and happy to be one of those "others".

Merci les filles, c'était très

Yarn Bombing in the 17e
Rue des Dames, over the trainlines at Rue du Rome
Until they saddeningly get pulled down.

*le tricot - knitting

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