Chanel Première, a fun fashion film

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sometime late last year, as the last of the suns rays warmed the city before retiring to hibernate for the winter, I took Daisy for our usual weekend stroll from Opéra to the Carousel du Louvre, which takes us through Place Vendome.

As we walked into the open place there was some commotion towards the left and I saw camera dollies and umbrella lights set up in the usual style for a small film shoot. I stuck around to take some pictures and as they commenced filming it dawned on me that the shoot was for Chanel and more than likely its jewellery collection.

Since then I've been waiting to come across the completed version, and months later, I finally have! And it's adorable! (I've embedded the film below; if it has been removed please notify me and you can watch it here).

The film was made for the relaunch of Chanel's 80-year-old 'Première' watch line, the most elegant and understated in its collection, and the first ever to launch under the Chanel label.

The level of detail in this Chanel film is mind-blowing and I can understand now how it took so long to be released; this would have been a huge project to edit.
I love how the faces of the models are for the most part hidden, as opposed to staring wistfully with a blank gaze into the lens as seen so often in fashion commercials (for a hilarious and brilliant parody of this ridiculous trend watch Matthew Frost's 'Fashion Film' featuring Lizzy Caplan).

The interaction between the models and the music is a sweet, unexpected touch and I just love how relatable this is; girls can watch this and think "Oh, yeah, I do that, and I have headphones just like that, oh, so I need this watch" - Mr M take note, hunh? The birthday is in three months...
I especially love the short grab of the girl trying to push the heavy Parisian apartment building door open with her back while clutching groceries and saying "Bonjour" to probably the building's grumpy old Gardienne - add a retractable dog leash to this picture, minus the beautiful watch, and that could be me on a daily basis.


For a brilliant interactive experience before watching it in full-screen you can head to the watch's dedicated site and start scrolling down.


  1. Lovely blog you have here, I look forward to reading more!

    1. Hello Angela! Thank you so much, that's so very kind of you. Your blog looks wonderful! I can't wait to devour it in the morning over a cuppa. How lucky to call Amsterdam home, it's such a great city. Lou xx