Chocolate Chip Stuffed Raspberries

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

On Saturday a dear friend and I took Daisy for a three-hour long walk through the Bois de Vincennes. While I'm a very much a West-side girl, and have been going to the Bois de Boulogne at least once month for as long as I think I've been here, I've just recently become quite a fan of Vincennes. On Saturday, instead of taking Line 1 straight to the Chateau, we took the RER A to the Vincennes station and walked through the little town for the first time, and I'm smitten. I love bustling, lively towns that sit at the foot of a grand castle. It's gorgeous there and I'll be heading back with the camera to take some pictures to share.
Walking down the main street from the station we came across the most heavenly fruit store - before we even hit the neighbouring store we could smell the strawberries that were displayed out the front.  On our return from the walk I couldn't resist buying some raspberries to be able to prepare the recipe below that I'd seen pinned over and over on Pinterest, as an after-lunch dessert snack with Mr M. 

Chocolate Chip Stuffed Raspberries

+ Dark Chocolate Chips
+ Fresh Raspberries
... et, c'est tout!

Very carefully clean the raspberries and leave to drain on a piece of kitchen towel.

Fill raspberries with the chocolate chips, and enjoy... one at a time!

I absolutely adore raspberries - much more than I do strawberries. I find poor raspberries severely underrated! For such little fruits they sure pack a punch! 20% of a raspberry is made up of all important dietary fibre and just one cup of raspberries contains half the recommended daily intake of vitamin C! I'm sure eating them with chocolate defeats any purpose of a healthy-eating régime, but there's an abundance of anti-oxidants in dark chocolate - perfect for a quick, guilt-free dessert!


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