DIY Appliqué Heart Sweater

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Once upon a time, when Valentine's Day fell in the hottest month of the year, each February 14 I would wear a baby pink strapless dress that had white hearts all over it and a white grosgrain ribbon belt. I don't remember who I was with when I bought it but I remember their disdain when grabbed it  off the rack and took it straight to the counter of some cheap clothing outlet to buy it. It was only $15 which suited me fine as I only planned to wear it once a year. Since packing up my world four years ago I don't know where that dress is now, but with rain and freezing temperatures forecasted all week I wouldn't have much use for it anyhow.

My love for theme dressing has not been lost, however, and ever since I saw this jumper featured on A Cup of Jo many moons ago, and since spread all over the blogsphere, I've dreamed of having a heart sweater sitting folded in my knits drawer.
So for this chilly Valentine's Day I fashioned one myself. And, as I don't do things by halves, to be super kitschy and sweetly ridiculous I also added a gold trim around the edge.

You'll need

+ Plain jumper (I'm using a daggy, brown hand-me-down of Mr M's)
+ Red wool fabric, pre-shrunk
+ Pretty trim
+ Needle and thread
+ Pencil and pen
+ Dressmaker's pins

Prepare your heart
1. Take an A4 piece of paper and hold it up to your chest. On the paper mark where you want the heart to sit, keeping in mind the neckline of the jumper. If you want your heart to be symmetrical just outline one side of the heart and you'll cut the fabric folded. If you want it to be asymmetrical just kind of free-draw, you'll cut the fabric flat. I want my heart to be symmetrical and follow a love-heart neckline over my bust and finish at my belly button should I want to tuck the jumper into a skirt/ pants - yeah, I do that sometimes.
2. Fold your pattern at the bottom of the top dip in the heart to the point and cut along the fold and around the half heart shape. For asymmetrical hearts define your pattern and just cut the whole thing out.
3. Fold your fabric, leaving enough fabric on both sides for the size of the pattern and place the paper on top. Secure wih dressmaker pins or some weights. For the asymmetrical heart keep the fabric flat. Cut the fabric, keeping close the pattern.
4. Take the trim and, starting at the bottom, pin to the edge of the heart all the way around. Once secure, stitch the trim to the fabric, folding the very end under the fabric to finish.

Decorate the sweater
5. Put on the sweater you're upcycling and position the heart where you want it to sit. Secure at the top and bottom with pins. Take off the sweater and pin all the way around.
6. Using a narrow zig-zag stitch sew the heart to the sweater, leaving the trim free but going over the edge of the fabric with each stitch to prevent any fraying.

Fabric, trim and thread purchased at
Tissus Reine
3-5, Place St Pierre, 18e
Mon: 14h - 18h30, Tues - Fri: 9h30 - 18h30, + Sat: 9h45 - 19h00

Love from me + Daisy!


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