Valentine Shrine - DIY Tassel Wall Hanging

Monday, February 11, 2013

Being so far from the ones you love is hard a lot of the time, however there are certain times of the year when it is even harder. Christmas and New Year's, birthdays, at the celebration of special life events such an engagement or pregnancy. This year, with a few days until Valentine's Day, I am very conscience of the fact that on the day that celebrates who you love most in your life I'm unable to just 'pop over' to give those that are dear to me a hug and a peck on the cheek as a thanks for being so special.

So, at the weekend I decided to make a 'Valentine shrine' for a wall in my apartment using one of my favourite decorations, tassels, and photos of my favourite people to let them know I'm thinking of them.

You'll need

+ Red tissue paper
+ Red foil
+ Paper knife (or rotary cutter)
+ Cutting mat
+ Fringe guide (or metal ruler)
+ Scissors
+ Fishing line or strong nylon thread
+ Wooden dowel the width of your hanging, plus extra length to hang on the hooks
+ A knitting needle/ pencil/ other slim round device
+ Hooks for securing to the wall
+ Washi tape/ reusable adhesive
+ Photos

Prepare the tassels
1. Unfold the tissue paper and fold each separate sheet breadthwise. If your tissue paper has lots of folds in it from being in the packet, iron each sheet folded in half under a pillow slip to flatten. Line the fringe guide up with the open edge and using the paper knife start cutting strips. If you are using a ruler line it up with the lines marked on the cutters mat about 1 cm apart. Stop about an inch from the folded edge.
2. Separate very carefully, starting with the folded edge, then bunch the join together and start twisting from the start of the fringe to the other side.

3. Once the length of the join is twisted, fold over your knitting needle/ pencil and start twisting the two sides of the tassel together around the device. Keep twisting until it is very tightly wound, holding the top of the fringe and twisting the devise like a corkscrew if need be. Pull the implement from the tassel and snip the bottoms so the fringes of the tassel are all the same length - don't throw away the bits you've snipped of; these make really good confetti! Repeat until you have about 10 tassels.
(On a side note; I absolutely adore making tassel garlands à la Confetti System - although mine do not measure, those guys are all sorts of talented! I follow the same process above except when I'm done I grab some gorgeous metallic twine and get stringing.)  

4. Unroll the foil and cut strips about 25 centimetres wide. From a 1.5 roll I got six tassels. Fold breadthwise and follow the steps above to make foil tassels. The if the foil does not stay twisted, cut some of the fishing line and tie around the loop, or use freezer bag wire clasps, as I did, if you have them lying around.

Prepare the hanging
5. Hang the wooden doweling about one metre above where you want your shrine to hang.
6. Alternating between the tissue paper tassels and the foil ones, lay the tassels on the floor in a heart shape to map out and determine the size of the hanging.

7. Cut enough long strips of the fishing line for each tassel, longer for the tassels at the bottom of the heart, and loosely tie them to the dowel so they can easily side.
8. Starting with the middle tassels, one by one tie the end of the line to the tassel loop, alternating up and down on one side before completing with the other side, until you have formed a heart - see below for the order I tied them in. I single knotted the line until I was happy with the height of each tassel, then when finished, went around and made another knot before snipping off the excess nylon line. At this stage you can slide the tassels along the dowel a little to place them properly.

Place your photos
9. Using the washi tape/ adhesive randomly place your photos inside the heart and take some snaps to message home to your loved ones.



  1. Yay.. .i'm on the shrine! Happy V day my sweets! Loving the blog! I get all your updates into my inbox at work and it even though i'm excited to read it... it makes me sad cos I miss you and Paris dearly! Keep them coming! xoxoxox

    1. 'Course you're in it!! I miss you heaps, too, Boodes! I'm glad you're loving the blog, even though I wish you were here to share these things with in real life! Thank you for leaving a comment!! xx