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Thursday, February 28, 2013

What did we do before washi tape?
I remember back five years ago, when it was first becoming popular, this magical, reusable paper-tape from Japan, you could only get it from one online retailer in Australia. And it wasn't cheap. Now the crazy French lady that runs the gift store on my high street sells it. You can buy it at Fnac. It's ubiquitous on craft blogs webwide (as I'm just about to demonstrate). For those who have no idea what I am talking about the Wikipedia entry for washi paper is a goody. Or watch the little video below I found on MT Masking Tape's Japanese site.

This made my heart sing - it's the cutest thing I've watched in a long time! Wouldn't you love to come home to this on your birthday?! I especially love how sneaky they are and that it perfectly demonstrates that you don't have to be a stylist, designer, crafter to use MT Masking Tape's products.

I joined a 'crafters who love paper' group in my little, no big - 700+ students and counting, go Anne! - online map design class and a fellow group member mentioned to us that she'd just bought a whole lot of washi tape because she just fell in love with the colours but is a bit stuck (excuse the pun) on what to use it for. So this post is for you, fellow mapper. Below I've listed a few of my favourite uses I've seen around the web (I forgot to do a Link Love Lundi post this week, so consider this post it!), and below those I've put together a super easy entertaining DIY.

DIY Washi Tape Pencils by Jenny Batt of Hank + Hunt, published on Julep.
Dorm DIY: Tape Picture Frames by Maxwell Tielman, published on Design*Sponge.
Happy Keyboard for Happy People by Eng Gee Fan (aka Minifanfan), published on MiniFanFan.

These are just three of my favourites, however this post from A Night Owl blog covers 100 uses!
Ouf, that's a lot of tape!

Lastly, here's a little bunting made while skyping with my sister. These look super sweet as birthday cake toppers or wrapped around gifts.

I wanted to put the following DIY together ever since I had my girlfriends over for our Valentines dinner. These would have been super handy then. I love to throw a party and I've thrown many a party in my time, but one thing I hate about them is the waste. Especially toothpicks. I love apréo hour and all the tapas-style food that come with it, but dislike seeing piles of used toothpicks everywhere. Ick. This encourages your guests to reuse the one they are given.

Washi Tape Apéro Picks

You'll need
+ Mini bamboo paddle picks, as many as you have guests - these I bought at Carrefour Market in Pigalle but they can be ordered in bulk here
+ A supply of washi tape, a different pattern for each guest
+ Scissors

1. Tear off a length of washi tape about 10cm.
2. Place the back of the paddle pick in the middle of the piece of tape and flatten against one side of the pick. Bring the otherside around and join together as perfectly as you can.
3. Cut off the jaggered edge and make a snip in the middle off the just cut edge of about 5mm.

4. Make two snips from each each bottom corner of the cut edge to meet the end of the 5mm snip to make a triangle shape. And you're all done!

Of course this works well if you have a washi tape collection as big as your guest list, but if not you can make as many as you wish with just one colour and write your guests names with a ball-point pen on the little flags.

Bon app-éro!


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  1. These look so cute! What a great idea :)