Cupcake Wrapper DIY

Thursday, March 7, 2013

This DIY came about when I decided to "gift-wrap" the cupcake I bought for la petite enfante I am responsible for each afternoon of the week. It wouldn't have been very fair to visit Cat's cupcake shop on Valentine's Day and not have taken one emporter for her 4pm goûter. And like a good little French girl she absolutely loved the banana and Nutella creation.
Of course you can use this method, or a modification of the below, to wrap any baked goods meant as a gift.

Cupcake Wrapper DIY

You'll need
+ Two types of plain, thin paper, what ever you have lying around, really. I used red tissue paper and white wrapping paper which was about 60gsm.
+ Plain card/ thicker paper.
+ Pretty, decorated paper - I used gorgeous, floral Fifi Mandirac paper that I picked up at last year's Salon du Créations et Savoir-Faire.
+ Scissors
+ Fringing scissors, or ordinary scissors with a steady hand will work
+ Circle punch, or any fancy, pretty paper punch
+ Double-sided tape and regular sticky tape
+ 1 x Cupcake clam. Cat buys hers from Cake & Bake, a boutique baking store close to métro Republique, however they can be purchased online here.

1. Cut two strips 40cm long by 6cm wide from the thin, plain paper. Then take the one for the top and trim either side by 0.5cm - 1cm. The white strip in the pictures has been cut smaller but it is best to keep longer to ensure it fits around the case.
2. Fringe each side of each strip using the fringing scissors.
3. Take the circle punch, or scissors, and cut a circle out of the plain, thicker paper.
4. Using the circle punch again, punch a circle from the pretty, decorated paper. I then folded this circle in half and cut a half heart shape, to reference Valentine's Day, but any shape would suit - a square, a name plate, a flower, star...

5. Place a piece of double-sided tape in the middle of the shape and press onto to the middle of the circle.
6. Then take a piece of tape the width of the circle and press one side to the middle of the thinner fringed strip. Then stick on the circle.
7. Place a piece of double-sided tape in the middle of the wider fringed strip and stick the rest of the wrapper on top.

8. Place a small piece of double-sided tape on top of the cupcake case and then lightly press the wrapper on the top. Hold the case above your head to not ruin the cupcake frosting and using regular sticky tape close the two ends underneath - trim the wrapper if need be to close neatly.

Try not to ruin all your good wrapping work by ripping it apart and eating the cupcake before giving it as a gift!


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