'Frenchie' decorated eggcups DIY

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Somewhat late to the party here, but I've been dying to test the ol' 'Sharpie on porcelain' DIY for a while now, and as Mr M and I have way too many mugs - we kept receiving them as thank you gifts from staying guests! - I've been waiting for the opportunity to test it out on something else.
With Easter around the corner I thought I'd decorate some eggcups - something we didn't have - to use Sunday morning, but instead of drawing bunnies and little chickens (there will come a time for that kind of kiddie cuteness later!) I thought I'd decorate them to enjoy all year.

'Frenchie' decorated eggcups

You'll need;

+ Porcelain eggcups, washed and properly dried - I bought mine from the amazing Porcelaines M. P. Samie store in the 14e, details below.
+ Sharpies - these are actually very hard to find in Paris, my four-storey fail safe craft store in the 3e don't stock them. These I bought at the Virgin megastore at Grands Boulevards.
+ Paper & Pencil
+ Red wool felt fabric, about 20cm by 10 cm (previously used here)
+ Scissors
+ Needle and red thread
+ A fan-forced oven

Prepare the cups

Using the pencil draw an outline around one of the cups onto the paper. This is just to practise and perfect the illustration you'd like to use. Fill it in with your drawing; I drew a red scarf onto the boy cup and added blue stripes and lace-up shoes. For the girl cup I drew a black rose choker, red stripes and little ballerina flats (it's easier to draw the bow first and then the shoe around it). I ended up using only the Black, Red and Blue - I planned on decorating two of the cups with a fancy, contemporary pattern with the other colours, but I liked my little French characters so much I made friends for the first two.
Steady your eggcup on a flat surface and, starting from the lip, draw on the design you are most happy with.
When finished, place the eggcups upside down on a rack in the middle of the cold oven. Turn the temperate up to 180°C/ 350°F and once the thermostat clicks off to tell you it's reached this temp., set the timer then for 45 minutes.

Prepare the mini berets

While the eggcups are baking, cut two circles, about 8cm in diameter from the wool felt. Thread the needle, meet the ends together and make a knot. Trim the excess. Secure the thread to the edge of one circle - the start point - by making a knot or looping it through itself over the edge of the fabric. Make a loose running stitch around the outside, about 5mm from the edge, gathering the fabric as you go. When you reach the start point again, go past it a little way then close the gathered edge together to make a neat pouch with the opening wide enough to fit snug on an egg. To flatten the beret a little, make four stitches nipping the top of the beret close to the folded part, four times, making a square shape with the thread on the underside - see pic. Knot the thread and trim. Repeat with the other circle of fabric.
Cut two slim triangles from the scraps of the wool felt and secure these to the top of each beret.
Of course, if you'd like to make berets for all your eggs go ahead!

Prepare the eggs

Once the timer of the oven goes off, turn off the oven and open the oven door. Leave the eggcups inside to cool down with the oven.
Once cooled right down, boil up some eggs to your liking, pop on the berets and serve with a few solider toasts on the side.

Oh la la, indeed!

Porcelaines M. P. Samie
45, avenue du Général Leclerc, 14e
This store is amazing. A three-level 'Ali Baba's den' of anything and everything made of porcelain. They have tea cups the size of your face down to the tiniest espresso mugs and some really beautiful ones rimmed in gold. Creamers in the shape of cows and platters and plates in every size imaginable. I'll be going back at the end of the year to stock up on their Christmas decorations. Worth a visit if you're in need of any understated dinnerware.

*Full admission here: This DIY is just for stereotypical cuteness, I know the French don't actually dress like this at all. Well, maybe unless you find yourself in the Basque region...
Also, this DIY might not be for everyone. From reading other reports on this DIY elsewhere it has worked marvellously and failed miserably. My eggcups went through two test bouts in the oven before I was ready to decorate them - the pen kept washing off. The final time I used my dishwand on them  the pen didn't budge - I didn't use a scourer (I can't see me needing to, anyway), nor do I have a dishwasher to test them out on. Personally I'd do a test run on the underside like I did first and change the DIY to suit your oven and the type of porcelain product your using.


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