Easter bonnet beanie DIY

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter Sunday was going to be a very special day for me (as to why I shall be explaining in a later post) and to commemorate I wanted to craft myself a special straw 'Easter Bonnet' floral hat to wear all day. The only thing was that the forecasted temperature for last weekend wasn't going above 8°C. No exactly straw hat wearing weather.

So, using the wool fabric from a cardigan I thrifted that no longer fits due to my lack of laundry skills, some flowers picked up from a high street accessories store and a bit of tulle that had been knocking about for a while I put together an Easter bonnet (the French term for 'beanie') to sport all day and bring some bright to a still grey wintery Easter Sunday, and documented a DIY to share.

DIY Easter bonnet beanie
You'll need 

+ Wool fabric - I used a wool cardigan but a jumper will work as well. Or if you have a cut of fabric, even better. Of course you can use an existing beanie you'd like spruced up also.
+ Needle and thread
+ A beanie to use as a template
+ Tulle or netting
+ Flowers - my original plan was to use beautiful huge silk flowers on wire and weave them on, but as the store I go to for these flowers was closed Saturday I went and bought these super colourful hair clips which ended up working well as no sewing was involved.
+ Scissors

Prepare the fabric + sew your beanie
Snip the buttons off your cardigan and trim off the button holes.  Overlap the two edges just a little and lay the beanie on top. Make sure everything is straight and flat. Cut around the beanie leaving a one centimetre seam allowance. Leave the beanie to the side and using the needle and thread first stitch the two smaller halves together and then the back and front. If you want the beanie to have a turned up edge as with mine start your stitching about an inch from the bottom edge, then flip the rightway round and stitch from the edge to the start of the first round of stitching on the other side.

Decorate your bonnet
Take the tulle and gather at one end until you're happy with the amount of fabric ruched - mine came to about 20 centimetres. Measure out the width of the beanie (stretch it out a little) and cut off the tulle to this length. Thread your needle and tie the end. Put the two short ends together and looping the thread around itself at one end loosely stitch the two ends together. Push the tulle down the thread to ruch together until the width of the edge is the width of the upturned lip at the bottom of the beanie. Secure the loose end of the thread to the edge of the tulle then turn the tulle inside out and put the ruched edge against the back seam of the beanie and stitch on. Using the same loose stitching method ruch the sides and stitch to the beanie. Arrange your flowers as you like and either stitch on over the tulle if they are fabric or just clip on if they are hair clips.

Voila! A Spring fresh Easter Bonnet to wear when the air still chills.



  1. So cute!! Too bad I really am clumsy with this sort of things... Love the bonnet :)

    1. Thank you Ylenia, so sweet of you to comment! Perhaps we should do a collaboration and I'll take care of all the clumsy parts? Haha! xx

  2. I had not guessed that the beanie was made from a jumper! You look great in it :D

    1. Ah, thanks! That's good to know! The bf was very happy I cut that jumper up, he hated it. Although, he wasn't to crash hot about the fluro flowers, either!

  3. This is seriously SO CUTE! xxx