Mr M's French Toast

Friday, April 5, 2013

Before we had even started dating, Mr M came over to my, which is now our, apartment to cook me breakfast. He made me his self-proclaimed 'famous' French Toast and as I ate slice after scrumptious slice I realised that while the "coming over and cooking breakfast" stunt hadn't wooed me as it should have - I was wise enough to know it was just a dating ploy - the French Toast he prepared most definitely helped win me over.

Like French Fries, French Toast is not referred to as French Toast in France. It's called Pain Perdu - perdu being the French term for 'lost', therefore called 'lost bread', as you'd normally use day-old stale bread that would be 'lost' otherwise. Normally pain perdu is eaten as dessert and is made with lots of milk (instead of the orange juice in Mr M's) so it's quite soggy once cooked, slightly resembling bread and butter pudding more so than toast. It's served in a pool of sweet syrup with generous amounts of icing sugar and is, of course, absolutely delicious all the same!

The other week we celebrated Mr M's birthday. As I 'd seen him cook his delightful French Toast a hundred times since his first trip to The Beehive (what our apartment's called) I now know how to make it off by heart and surprised him with a huge home-prepared brunch, featuring his yummy Toast, for when he woke up.

Mr M's French Toast
Makes about 10 thick slices, or enough for one large loaf of brioche (the loaf pictured I'd consider to be on the small side).

+ A loaf of brioche
+ 1 orange, juiced
+ 4 eggs
+ 1 tbsp of cinnamon
+ A small heap of icing sugar and some strawberries to serve
+ A little bit of butter (not pictured) to grease the pan

Press the orange and leave the juice to the side. In a small bowl lightly beat the eggs and then mix in the cinnamon. Pour the egg mixture into a flat-bottomed dish and then add the orange juice. Mix the cinnamon and juice through the eggs thoroughly. Slice the loaf into thick slices.
Heat up a fry pan to a mid-to-high setting and melt the butter. Take a slice of brioche and lay flat in the mixture for about 20 seconds and then, using a fork, turn over for another 20 seconds.
Then gingerly fry each side of the toast until the egg is properly cooked, adding a little more butter after each lot if need be.
Serve with icing sugar and strawberries, or some maple syrup.

Have a lovely weekend!



  1. Oh my gosh, this looks amazing! I LOVE French Toast, but have never seen it with orange juice... will definitely have to give it a go if I can find some brioche here in Singapore :)

    1. Thanks, it really is yum! It's not as soggy as French Toast can get so you can put what ever toppings you feel like in it - it's great with Nutella, also! :)
      We asked the Singapore-residing father-in-law for you and he thinks that maybe you can get brioche at the Delifrance in Raffles City? Bonne chance xx

  2. There are few things better than homemade French toast.... YUM! Lookds DELISH.

    1. If there was no chance of me growing to the size of an elephant I'd eat this for breakfast every morning! Thanks lovely Meg - I think us girlies need to meet for a home-made brunch, soon! xx

  3. Lou - if you ever feel the urge to make more French toast and feed more people, give me a buzz ;)

    1. Haha! For sure! We should put on a brunch! But, there's no way it'll look as good as your Top Chef one!