Champagne Tiramisu with rose biscuits

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Not quite as well known as the champagne the region produces are the pink-hued biscuits from bake house Maison Fossier. Initially developed out of a desire to utilise the warm ovens in between batches of baking bread, the biscuits were given their namesake colour from added Carmine to disguise the vanilla added for flavour. As the oldest biscuit production house in France, Maison Fossier, or Maison Mère des Biscuits de Reims it was known prior 1845, was the official biscuit supplier to French royalty. Not only do Fossier suggest their biscuits be served alongside coffee, they also recommended the biscuits be dipped in champagne!

Champagne Tiramisu with rose biscuits.

Makes one large baking tray, two small dishes, or six ramekins.
Please note; this recipe requires one hour refrigeration time.

(French terms of ingredients are provided in brackets for those on this side of the world to more easily locate them in the supermarket).
+ 500g Mascarpone
+ 5 eggs (ouefs)
+ 1/3 cup icing suger (sucre glacé)
+ 1 tbsp espresso coffee
+ Approx 20 rose biscuits Maison Fossier - more or less depending on the size of the vessel you're making it in.
+ 1 cup of champagne, plus extra for serving
+ Dark chocolate for garnish (chocolat noir patissier)

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Beat the whites of the five eggs until the colour turns white. Add the icing sugar and beat until mixed well. Bit by bit add the Mascarpone until mixed well. Add the tablespoon of coffee and mix well. Leave aside.
Place the champagne in a shallow bowl and lay the biscuits in the liquid, one at a time, for approximately five seconds each side. Arrange at the bottom of the vessel so that the base is covered, break some biscuits in half if needed to cover corners. Scoop a little of the marscapone on top and spread all over the biscuits with a spatula. Repeat making another layer.
Place the dish in the refrigerator  for one hour.
Sprinkle on top some grated dark chocolate and serve immediately.



  1. Omg looks delicious Lauren!!! And the photos are so pretty! I'm so jealous of your baking/cooking skills ;)


    1. Thank you lovely! We should have a bake date soon! xx

  2. Sounds delicious and I know my tiramisu loving wife would really go for it.