Insta-postcards from France

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Last week Mr M, his family and I returned from a 7-day road trip across the centre of France.

From Paris we headed east to Champagne country, visiting the cellars of some of the world's favourite bubbles and spent the night at a small champagne production house.

From there we headed to the Loire Valley to take in the splendid castles that are scattered all over the region; it amazes me the way those of the royal French court once lived. We then made the turn west, to Brittany, to stay at the gorgeous fortified sea-side town that is Saint-Malo, which included a visit to the magnificent Mont Saint-Michel. This abbey, perched high on a rock outcrop of an island, which is inaccessible at high tide, has to be seen to be believed. It's such a special place if you're able to turn a blind eye to the tourism that has infiltrated every corner of the island.

We headed north, stopping for a sombre moment at the D-Day beaches, then continued to the twin towns of Deauville and Trouville to see the former playground of the rich and famous in its natural, quiet state before the influx of holidaymakers arrive.

Despite already having visited all these places it was such a luxury to see them again to commit them to memory, share them with Mr M's family and take more pictures, especially with Instagram this time around. I hope to share the trip here soon, too!



  1. Ces photos sont magnifique...

  2. Gorgeous! I feel so lucky to have been to so many of the places you guys hit on this adventure of yours. France has so many pockets of wonderful.

    1. It's a treasure trove of magic, isn't it! I feel lucky, too. xx