Road trip day 4 :: Chenonceau from Chenonceau

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day four was castle day. We visited Château de Chambord, Château de Blois, Château d'Amboise, Leonardo da Vinci's final residence Clos Lucé and, my favourite of them all, Château de Chenonceau.

My imagination goes into over drive when I visit beautifully old and grand places such as these. I start to wonder what would it have been like to live there. 

To visit the castle and see its exterior in all its grandeur as you approach it would the complete opposite experience for an inhabitant, always peering out.



  1. I wouldn't mind living in these castles so long as I'm not the poor and overworked maid who had to hustle down tiny stairs at 5am! ;)

    1. Haha, yes! However, have you seen the kitchens at Chenonceau? I'd be very content playing there all day! xx