Road trip day 7 :: Deauville

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Our last night was in Deauville. Out of all the trip I was most excited to stop here because it was the one place I had not yet been. It was love at first sight. I loved its little port, the striking and charming half-timbered architecture and its beautiful square. But what I loved most was the promenade, Les Planches, that hugged the beach in its length. Having spent almost every weekend pre-expat life walking the promenade along Manly is was so nice to once again stroll along a beach, filling our lungs with its salty air. The little changing cabins that border the promenade named for people in cinema that have visited Deauville remind you of its heyday as the resort town of the rich and famous. It was very quiet as we we walked the promenade, as the high season had not yet hit the town, but you could see preparations were well underway for the influx of holidaymakers that will descend in August. 

After previous summers spent at Saint Tropez and Nice it was refreshing to visit another French sea-side town, still beautiful and grand, much more relaxed. It was a lovely way to spend the last morning of our holiday before the drive back to Paris.


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  1. I nearly went to Deauville two weekends ago but called it off given a whole bunch of stuff that came up. Now I certainly need to find another time slot to get there - so pretty! :)