Crafty Fêtes for the Weekend

Friday, August 23, 2013

It's been a little quiet on this here blog these past couple of weeks; the sun shines brightly outside and I've been working hard to be able to put ice cream on the table.

The oh so short summer is almost drawing to a close, les Frenchies are all begrudgingly back from their respective vacances and there's a chill in the air in the early morning. But, as all good things must, August is going out with a bang, with TWO very cool festivals on this weekend!

Klin d'Oeil

When my friend Anne sent me a link to this festival, thinking I may like it, I lost my bananas! The first festival of its kind in the city, Klin d'Oeil advertises they will have Kraft - Food - Music all wrapped up in some kind of Disneyland for us Jessica-Day-loving girls (and boys!). Ateliers by Paris' leading DIY doyennes, food by some very yummy food trucks and, if their website is anything to go by, music that will take you back to the vacance you just came from!
Organisined by the crew that previously brought the city Le Super Market, Klin d'Oeil looks to be more interactive and festive.
**And for those that don't know what 'Klin d'Oeil' means, it's French for wink ;)

Klin d'Oeil
Friday, Saturday, Sunday August 23 - 25
Trabendo, Parc du Villette, 211 avenue Jean Jaurès, 19e 
Fri: 17h - 23h, Sat: 11h - 23h, Sun: 11h - 21h
6€ entry all weekend.
Site :: Tickets

Mexican Village @ Wanderlust

To be perfectly honest, Wanderlust has been quite hit and miss for me; sometimes its awesome, sometimes not so much at all.
But if the previous Mexican Village pictures are anything to go by this weekend's festivities are going to be a surefire hit. How could a Mexican fiesta not be? The perfect venue to stay outdoors in summer's fading sunshine.

Mexican Village Festival 
Sunday August 25
32, quai d'Austerlitz, 13e
12h30 - midnight



  1. Oh I might go to Klin d'oeil :) Have some other things to do, so it's not a sure thing yet.
    I didn't know about the Mexican Village thing in Wanderlust, are you going? You'll have to tell me how it was :)
    Ps. We still have a piñata to make ;)

    1. Hey Yle, did you go to the last one? I thought I saw pics! I'll defs tell you how it is. Try get to Klin d'Oeil, it looks oh so good! And, yes, I've thought of something that you might like to do together. I'll send you an email soon! xx

  2. Ah I was meaning to check out the Mexican Village but didn't get around to it! Did you end up going?

    Hope you had a lovely summer!



    1. Hi Milsters! Welcome back! No, I didn't! It rained like crazy that day, I didn't even leave my apartment! So I missed it :( I hope it's a regular thing though, we'll need some bright fiesta-Inge moving into the colder months!! Gros bisous xx

  3. Great Post!!!

  4. Too funny to think of the link between Mexico and France, what with Napoleon's brother Maximilian as king. Looks like fun crafts events, sorry I missed them!

    1. I know, and isn't Cinco de Mayo celebrated because they kicked out the French? It also happens to be my birthday, so Viva la Fiesta, I say! Klin d'Oeil was great, but with an early flight to Rome the day after I missed the Mexican market, too! Thanks for stopping by Daisy! xx