Decoing The Hive **2014!!**

Monday, February 17, 2014

Forever and a day ago I provided Emily of From China Village the above image after she asked me for a small snapshot into what is inspiring me about Copenhagen for a newsletter for The Hive Conference late last year. This is what I said in the newsletter;

I'm inspired by the all the water that runs through Copenhagen and how the blue colour of this year's colours is the same colour as the water and the sky. I love all the boats with their little flags that line the foreshore and the multicoloured houses are just beautiful. I know my biggest challenge will be to use the colours together without them saying "4th July!"/ "Bastille Day!"/ "Team GB!" I should receive images of the venue at any moment, which I'm so very excited about as the venue is so important when designing decorations! And they may just inspire me in a whole other direction!

Since I have been supplied images of the stunning Scandic Sydhavnen, where the conference will take place, but my thoughts are still running along the lines of the sea, the harbour and maritime life, which I am SO excited about because I believe life should be lived like you are on a boat, always - cue a conference wardrobe FULL of stripy sweaters, calling it now.

I also told her that I would post credits to the images I sourced via Google Images in a post, well, because, the images aren’t mine and that’s how the internet should work. Running clockwise; bunting :: garland :: badges :: canal :: girl in street :: coloured houses :: map and bunting. Image created on the iPad via Procreate.

Tickets for The Hive 2014 are not yet sold out, head here for more info and to buy tickets. For my round up post on last year’s The Hive to hear more about it head - -> here.


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