Le Week-end 09::02

Monday, February 10, 2014

This weekend was all about goodbyes and hellos.

Finally it’s Mr M’s turn to go to Australia. Being our last day together, on Saturday we went on not one, but two dates for lunch and dinner.

I’d already been to Lockwood a handful of times for coffee, breakfast, cocktails (that place really does have it all), but I’ve surprisingly not yet tried their famous biscuits and gravy. So we ordered them, with the lot. And it was amazing, although they really are like scones, and so kinda weird eating them with all their savoury toppings.

When we were finished and were getting ready to leave, I casually asked the chef, AJ, who had stepped out of the kitchen, about the buttermilk in the biscuits and where he gets it from, as I recently needed some for a recipe and had no idea what to use. We got to talking about how the biscuits are made and he invited me into the kitchen to give me the full recipe to try, which is his Grandmother’s! I feet so honoured to be given this sacred piece of information, I’ll have to get cracking and try whip these up at home!

For dinner I took Mr M to Bones because I knew he’d love it. I’d already been with a visiting friend for the full degustation, which was one of the best meals of my life, but I was keen to try their famous pork sandwich, aka the Bones banh mi. I’d been craving one of these sandwiches for months now and I was so glad my first in a long time was this one. It did not disappoint. The 10€ price for a sandwich may seem steep, but for 12€ you also receive a little tumbler of beer making this one of the best formules in the city. The slow-cooked, bbq pork just melts in your mouth and the smoky flavour takes you back to every bbq you ever been to.
Sunday morning, Mr M had to be on the Roissybus by 8am, so I went down so see him off and watched the sun rise over the Opera house. Paris is so so quiet at this time in the morning on a Sunday, it was wonderfully peaceful.

And then I went to Ikea. Ouf! Dangerously, I’ve recently discovered the free shuttle bus that takes you to the Ikea at Thiais in 25 mins. It’s not too frequent, which is a pain, but it’s super handy!

The last part of Sunday was spent saying hello to this little one. My friend’s little baby E. Without sharing too much of a story that isn’t my own, this little one came into the world completely unexpected. I mean, completely - my friend didn’t know she was pregnant, at all. Until little E arrived one Thursday afternoon. It’s the craziest, most amazing story ever, which I’m still trying to wrap my head around. I think she’s an absolute miracle, and my friend, A, the most incredible person for going through it all so calmly. I can’t wait to see her grow into the most gorgeous little girl.


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