Lovely lavender icing (Le Week-End 23::02)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

This weekend I got sick. AND, due to it being school holidays at the moment, I was bestowed a long weekend this week. But I got sick and spent half of it on the couch. No fun, no fun at all.
Right before I came down sick, however, I made this lavender Earl Grey tea cake for a knitting afternoon tea I organised at my dear friend Katie's apartment - honestly, the two are definitely NOT related! While I didn't love the cake recipe - it needs a little tweaking - the frosting was a hit! And I can never, ever get frosting right! So here it is...

Coloured cake frosting (adapted from the Twinings site here)
+ 180 gms of icing sugar, sifted
+ 55 gms of soft, soft, soft butter
+ 1 tbsp vanilla essence
+ 1 tbsp milk
+ approx 10 drops of food colouring

Using a spatula/ wooden spoon mix the icing sugar and the butter together until the icing sugar and butter are well combined - this I do every time the recipe calls for butter to be beaten with any kind of sugar, if I don't the sugar usually flies out of the bowl and I get bits of butter all over the walls, which I can't stand because it makes me feel like a muppet in the kitchen.
Add the tablespoons of milk and vanilla essence and mix with an electric beater until it goes nice and fluffy and creamy.
Add the food colouring a couple of drops at a time and mix lightly with the spatula/ wooden spoon, until you reach the desired colour.
Spread over cake and make pretty swirly patterns with the spatula or with a palate knife.  



  1. You are blogging again, hooray! This was the BEST frosting I've had in France...and I'm a frosting fiend! Hope you are feeling better!

    1. OMG - that is the biggest compliment, thank you Lauren!! I have to admit your note on Instagram inspired me to post the recipe! xx

  2. I wish I could make cakes and cookies (especially cookies)! But unfortunately, my new place didn't come equipped with an oven! I suppose I'll have to wait until an oven is in the budget, simply so I can eat cookies. :p

    1. Oh, no, having an oven to bake cookies should be a definite requirement in all kitchens!! Do you have a little toaster oven, I'm sure that could handle some little cookies! And there are lots of no-bake recipes out there!! xx