Tassel Gift Wrap DIY

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Following on from my The Hive 14 inspiration post, here's a little DIY I put together for a gift I wrapped last year for a friend's birthday using a similar colour palette. Tassels may be my favourite things to craft. They are relatively simple, fun, and I like to think that each one has their own little personality. Make them mini, and like everything mini, their cuteness factor skyrockets! Also, once this gift is unwrapped the receiver also has a cute little garland to hang where they will!

Full instructions after the jump -->

You'll need;
+ A gift, naturally.
+ A gift box; when I gift silk scarves I like to use empty jewelery boxes with the foam insert because it keeps the scarf sitting nicely in the box.
+ Scissors
+ Some tissue paper, which ever colours tickle your fancy, really
+ Tape
+ Cute twine
+ A knitting needle, or skinny pencil, etc.

Cut the paper into strips about 5cm/ 2 inch wide by about 15cm/ 6 inch strips; as many strips as you'd like tassels.
Fold each strip width-wise and using the scissors cut little strips about 1mm/ quarter inch wide, stopping about 2cm/ 1 inch from the fold.
Head over to this post --> here <-- and follow the tassel making guide.
Trim the bottom of your tassels, this step is so very important to ensure your tassels are uniform and neat. Also, all the little bits you cut off... instant confetti!!
Tape one end of the twine to the back of the box and push on a third of your tassels on, making sure they stay together at the front and then wrap the twine around the back, and repeat until the front of the box is covered.
Cut off the excess of the twine and tape down to the back of the box.

Gift and feel warm and fuzzy.