Le Week-end 15::03

Monday, March 17, 2014

Image: @katiemitchellphotography
This weekend was full of coffee dates, sunshine strolls and birthdays.

Saturday night I celebrated the birthday of Anne along with Meg, Lindsey and Sasha, and had the absolute pleasure of meeting Ashley - I've been obsessed with Ashley's pup Hazel Bleu since forever.

And Sunday was Mr M's 29th birthday. 
As usual he slept until past midday so we celebrated with a very late brunch, a stroll though Parc Monceau and, of course, Fred cakes, which I could finally decorate with sparklers I've been hoarding safe-keeping since my trip home in September 2012.

Tonight, Mr M and I are off to see a band I've been absolutely loving of late - CHVRCHES.
Their music is the perfect working soundtrack - yep, I'm listing to them right now - and I've just found out their lead singer and I share the same name. So naturally I love them a little more. I can't wait!



  1. It was so lovely to meet you in person!! Hopefully little Hazel can join us on a trip to Paris soon :)

    1. Oh, Ashley, it was so nice to meet you, too! Oh, to meet Hazel would be amazing!! I hope you got a very lovely, excited welcome when you got back! xx