Paris Fashion Week (Le Week-end 02::03)

Monday, March 3, 2014

This week the fashion circus is in town. This is one of my favourite times of the year. Not because I follow the fashion world closely at all, purely because the city gets just that bit more colourful and there are always lots of fun events organised. Like the launch of Garance DorĂ©'s stationary line with Rifle Paper Co. at Colette on Saturday. Katie, Marissa and I went just for a little look-see and I left with a new phone case, To-Do notepad and a signed card. 

Pics 1&3 by Marissa, 2nd by Katie.
I had a bit of a nerdy fangirl moment. I've been a fan of Garance's work long, long before she was Mrs Schuman moved to NYC and her illustrations are my all time favourite. I think her posts on advice are so inspiring, I use Procreate because of her, AND she spoke at ALT!! 
Marissa has written about the new stationary line over here.

On Sunday, Katie and I met to take Daisy for a stroll through the Tuileries with some Angelina hot chocolate and ended up at the Grand Palais for a bit of a gawk at the commotion out the front of the Chloe show taking place in the back galleries. We bumped into the always lovely, but very exhausted Ylenia who was only half-way into her crazy week.
Oh, Bill!
More pictures posted through here...

Not only did Katie lend me her fancy, very expensive camera so I could take these photos, she also played puppy sitter. She's my hero!
This girl was super cute and composed, and then she started laughing at Daisy and it was gorgeous.
 Total skirt crush - that fabric is perfect!
I managed to get in amongst the camera pack as everyone left the venue to take some surprisingly nice pictures, but I'll post these pics next week. In the four years I've lived in this city I've never come down to partake in the fashiony festivities that happen twice a year, as much as I've always been meaning to. On one hand I wonder why I hadn't sooner, it was quite entertaining and fun, but on the other hand to share it with lovely friends was the best.



  1. This is a lovely post Lauren! Beautiful photos, Daisy is definitely the star of the show ;) xxx

    1. Thank you lovely! Daisy did steal the limelight a little from all those dressed up!! xx

  2. Looks like you had a great time! I'm so sad I missed it this year :(
    And yes, Daisy is definitely getting the attention lately :) xx

    1. Spring/ summer will be here before you know it! I hope you had a wonderful time at home with your family.
      I think all the attention is going to her head, I think I need to have a word with her ;) xx

  3. Lauren these are awesome! Thanks again for letting me look after Daisy! Love xo

    1. Are you serious?! Thank YOU for watching her. You are the dog whisperer, Daisy doesn't like anyone that quickly!! And you and I both know the pics are awesome because I used your camera! :D Thank you again! xx