Mardi Gras :: Swedish pancakes

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Happy Mardi Gras! Or, as I like to call it 'Fat Tuesday'!
The one day I like to celebrate eating like a little piggy, whilst still managing to splutter between spoonfuls of awesome food "The diet (aka Lent) starts tomorrow!".
Traditionally in France, as at home, pancakes are eaten today each year (those lucky French, they get two Pancake days within the month!), as the day's common name in English describes. As I have been making Swedish pancakes of late due to my place of work, here is the recipe I've been handed down by my Swedish boss, despite the fact that in Sweden semlor are eaten today instead - my friend Anna has posted an awesome recipe for these over here.

Diet starts tomorrow...



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    1. I completely agree! Thanks for stopping by! xx

  2. Girl, you do not need to diet and I hope you know that :) I love your new profile picture up on the top right hand corner - all your happiness and beauty shines through! Thank you for sharing the Swedish pancake recipe. Jon and I had crêpes salé made with buckwheat *everyday I'm dieting* (that Party Rockers song we were talking about last Saturday) X

    1. Thanks girlfriend. I know, I actually think diets are stupid, I should have written "healthy eating" (she says while shoving squares of Milka in her gob on the bus - true story). I should really try them with buckwheat, I think I prefer galettes to regular crepes! 
      How nice is it, if I'm allowed to say so myself. Katie is a photography genius. I'm so happy we found that pink wall, fits perfect! I need to credit Carin somewhere for puppy sitting while she took the photos! My expression would have been much different if I had Daisy attached, somewhere!

    2. Haha, love the Milka anecdote! Oh you can absolutely say how nice the photo by Katie is, she certainly is very talented! Daisy is so loved isn't she, bless her. Give her a big hug from me (if she wants it mind, we still have a bit more bonding to do methinks).