Lunchtime Cherry Blossoms

Monday, April 20, 2015

 A beautiful blossom-filled lunch-time break at the Notre Dame.

I know how fortunate I am to work in the center of the city. Life could be much worse. For one, all my friends could work office jobs and I'd have no one to stroll with in my lunch break. Or I could be working in Levallois. Lucky for me, neither are the case and everyday I have 60 blissful minutes, often spent with a dear friend who lives in the same arrondissement as my office and works freelance, graciously leaving most lunchtimes to stroll with me.
One such lunchtime last week we visited this little collection of cherry blossoms adjanct to the Notre Dame, which lit up the river bank in a vibrant, fuchsia explosion of pretty. Despite my five years in the city, I'd yet to see this pocket of cherry blossoms in all their glory. Coupled with a couple of chous from Odette afterward on the other side of the river it was a perfect 60 minutes spent. xx


  1. These photos have just made my heart flutter, they are sooooo beautiful! The Notre Dame is one of the first place I visited when I lived in Paris last year and everytime I see pictures of it, it makes me feel all nostaglic (..and slightly desperate to pack up my bags and go back!!)
    Can't beat 60 minute lunchtimes strolling around a city like that, lush.

  2. Love this post, Lauren! I went for a lunchtime walk around Notre-Dame the other day, and certainly did not expect the blooms to be so breathtakingly beautiful.

  3. I saw these blossoms for the first time this year, too, and it was exceptional! These photos capture the feeling perfectly.

  4. great photos!! The light with the flowers looks perfect!! Lovely post! xx

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